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Memocast is a website, delivering qualitative Russian films online. Nearly all the available films are in the Russian language, nevertheless, the project is about to become fully international: the developers are working to provide users with subtitles in other languages.

The main feature of is not only watching Russian movies online, but fascinating community functions, so let me guide you through the website.

There is a tremendous choice of Russian movies of many styles here: Action/Adventure, Anime, Cartoons, Classics, Comedy, Crime, Detective, Documentary, Drama, Education and many others. It also gives you the opportunity of browsing the movies in categories of top movies and new arrivals. If you start surfing the videos in the category menu, you will be given a possibility to sort them out by top of the day, week or month, as well as rate them (1 to 5 stars).

Imagine you have already chosen an amazing video to watch. Here you will find all the necessary details concerning the movie, such as a short description, producer country, release year, duration, film director, category, language, etc.

The “Memocast Recommends”, located below every video, keep you awake and interested, supplying with things you might also like. Once you have watched a film, you can always review it in the “History”.

Does Memocast miss the Russian movie you need? Then ask for it via “Request a Movie” link, provide a title and subtitles language and wait. As soon as the video appears on the site, you will receive an email notification.

Let me describe the User profile more detailed, as the opportunity to communicate with other users is one of the interesting features of Memocast.

Memocast Simple Profile

The Memocast media provides its visitors with detailed profiles. Being at the main profile page, take a look at the menu items: Profile Summary, Watch History, Playlist and Subscription.

The first tab is for your personal information and photo. Go to “Watch history” if you would like to browse the films you have recently watched. Here, you will see the thumbnails and film titles. Just click on a video to have a look at its static page with user comments. The playlist is provided for your convenience to collect your favourites without the need of remembering them. Every time you enjoy a video, just add it to your playlist, in order to find it quickly later. There is also a button which allows you to remove the film from the list. The “Subscription” tab is for those, who would like to plunge into watching full movies unlimitedly (you can only watch 5-minutes long previews in case you are a Simple member).

Gold Member

Getting a golden account (after upgrading) for $9,95 per month will grant you all the above features, but also give you access to full videos, HD movies or Russian films with subtitles and other specials. There is a possibility to effect payment either by credit card or paypal. Planning just a movie day or two? Think of buying day passes for only $2,99 per day and enjoy!

Comment system

One of the most entertaining characteristics of Memocast is that all users can discuss the films and converse with each other via comment form. Having left a feedback to a video, you can find it in “My Last Movie's Comments” in your profile along with the titles of the films commented. It keeps you aware of any new comments to the items. Willing to express your opinion about other people's reviews? Go to “All Movie Comments”, choose a film, user name or a comment you would like to reply to and communicate.

Do you prefer private correspondence? There is one more advantageous feature on m, which is personal interaction with any users via message form. You may contact any user by clicking on his/her profile, filling in a message and submitting it. This user friendly messaging system can be found in “My Messages” menu.

Memocast - Social Network Integration

Apart from conferencing and other communicative pleasures, you will appreciate a number of social media features, integrated in Memocast. Here they are:

  • sharing a video: tweet the video you like, post it on Facebook, or send it via Email.
  • sharing your opinion by clicking the Like button on the right side of the Memocast video preview.

Nothing is perfect and Memocast has some demerits, too. In my point of view, there are still some social features missing. For instance, the option of group creation (Comedy fans group, Top Documentary Films, etc), adding friends and exchanging videos with them would be nice. So, if you are fond of watching qualitative Russian films online and want to keep track of new releases, make a choice in favour of Memocast: watch, rate and enjoy interaction with other viewers.

Memocast is not just a website with a collection of films and music videos – it is the video treasure store, whose goal is to bring people together and give them the freedom to choose. They choose videos and people to communicate with. This function turns Memocast to an up-to-date powerful online film community.