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We are glad to welcome all the users of the BestrussianTV internet portal. Our online movie house offers you qualitative and round-the-clock broadcasting of the serials, movies, breaking news, as well as popular Russian and foreign channels. Thank you for what you’ve chosen us!

Today we are going to talk of the others services, which give us the opportunity to watch Russian Television in the Internet. The Global Web shows us the opportunity to find any information about any country. If you experience hunger for information, you will be glad to detect all the available resources, national and foreign ones. There are some specific channels, but mostly they show general informational content like news, TV-shows and author's telecasts. We shall speak of the four the most mentioned internet-television websites. According to the month rating, ETVNET is the most popular one.

It won’t impress the visitors on the design, because it’s rather simple. But still it’s intuitive and understandable, so there would be now troubles when using it. After taking a look on the top-banners where there’s no advertisement we understand, that mostly website specializes on ETVNET.

The content emphasizes on the Russian films we didn’t see before, which were unknown in previous years. If you take a look on the main serials menu you will see, that they are mostly of Russian production. All the information makes Russian TV more popular around the world.

What concerns ETVNET, its design is not a piece of art and looks very simple.

But Russian Online TV is offered for free, so the users will be pleased to save some money. Here you may also chat and have a communication with other users. It stands the resource out other competitors.

ETVNET gives us the opportunity to watch Russian Movies in very comfortable form and doesn’t take money for this. It would be a great deal for those office hands who have no time for favorite serials. The speed of transferring the data was satisfying and competitive.

What concerns KARTINA which is the last in this article it shows unacceptable terms for the users. First of all it shows Movie Russian on a fee basis. But still it gives technical support for the citizens of North America and this is his main region. The USA citizens prefer to pay for the internet services, while they find free attendances rather suspicious.

You may decide by yourself whether to pay for ETVNET or not.

Here is the list of the competitors of internet television. A big amount of russian channels are not shown in the American broadcast network, so the internet is the only way to stay with your native country.