Russian movies



Russian Movies

Russian Movies often mean both modern films and those of communism times. The cinema of the Soviet Union was not only Russian movies , but included the cinema of the Soviet countries: Georgian SSR or Armenian SSR, etc.

Russian Movies in the Cinema of the Soviet Union

The dramatic difference between the Soviet movies and Russian movies of nowadays is the censorship. Soviet films did not open reality and created an illusion of a perfect nation. The "dream country" Russian movies and television were generally affecting the population and created the mood of perfection, left them in happiness and unawareness. None of such topics of Russian movies as violence, drugs or political criticism were allowed on TV. Even such terms as pornography and erotic were not distinguished. As nobody could provide a clear definition of these words, any scenes in Russian movies, containing naked body parts, could awake a wave of scrutiny and the actors were blamed for immorality. Instead, the Soviet propaganda of education, labour, culture and collectivism was welcome.

If you watch old Russian movies in English, you might misunderstand some moments without knowing the background of the Soviet regime. Inquire about some basic information concerning the communistic history before you start watching Russian movies online or Russian films on DVD, in order to catch the main idea. Russian movies on DVDs outside Russia are often sold with subtitles in different languages. Nevertheless, there are some phrases in Russian movies, containing political or historical background and cannot be translated into Russian properly when interpreted literally.

Movies Peculiarities

One of the most vivid peculiarities of Russian movies is that they are not vulgar, in other words, Russian movies do not contain shameless or offensive scenes. There are some but seldom. Probably, it is closely related to the Russian culture, born much before the Soviet times, which taught people being reserved.

When it comes to comedies, then the Russian movies are really the funniest! The unusual feature of the Russian comedies is that they are made for thinking, not only laughing. Humour in Russian movies has always some hidden meaning, makes people engross in thought and oppose the jokes to reality. When having issues with understanding the humour, you should consider choosing Russian movies with English subtitles – they will help you to understand the main conception, when translated correctly.

In respect of old Russian movieswith action- crime films and thrillers - they might harass the people, who prefer speed and tense. However, new thrilling Russian movies are getting more qualitative year by year. Film producers succeeded in using special effects too. One of the good examples is "Night Watch", the Russian thriller film and one of the most famous Russian movies, directed by Bekmambetov in 2004 and translated into many languages.

Another striking feature of Russian movies is slowness and long scenes, like in the theatre. Most of the Russian movies demonstrate another national characteristic: being slow in speech, thinking and action. This could be one of the late effects of the communism times and come from the realization of the fact: no matter how fast you work, you will get paid as much as everyone. Note, this is just an assumption of mine, but it may be the truth.

Some Russian movies show the village life. They reflect the essence of country-side people and their living; even it is not so different from those of the cities nowadays. In case you would like to find out more about Russian time-honoured customs and traditions, choose the 40's or 60's Russian movies. This is where you may see the traditional costumes, holidays and listen to national songs.

National Movies

The term Russian movies implies films of some former Soviet Republics, such as Ukraine or White Russia. Though they are in Russian, they fully belong to the cinema of these republics and are made at their producing studios. The other feature which is worth mentioning in respect of Russian movies is that films, being production of the autonomous republics of Russia, for instance, Komi, Sacha Republic, are produced in Russian. The best republic studio feature films (for example, "Tatarkino", the studio of the Republic of Tatarstan) can be released in Moscow cinemas and other Russian cities.

In conclusion, Russian movies (produced in the Russian Federation or in the Soviet Union) are the right alternative to enjoy the show. Russian moviesare extraordinary, relaxing, thrilling and definitely the number one for those, who wish to learn the culture of this magic country.

ussian films demonstrate the history in the background and make the viewers wonder, how many sides of life are covered by the cinema of Russia. The state has been undergoing many changes, but Russian movies will always stay Russian, that means, "the show must go on"...